Kick-off Luncheon 2022

Chattanooga Engineers Week


The Engineers Week Kick-off Luncheon starts off the celebration of Engineers Week for the Chattanooga Area. It is an event that highlights the contribution of engineering to the betterment of the world and encourages participants to recognize the importance of their work.

Event Information

Where: UTC University Center, Chattanooga Room (Hybrid event)

When: Mon, February 21 – 11:30 – 1:30pm

(networking 11:30, event start time 12:00)

Daniel Deas, Chief Operating Officer, Novonix

Harrison, Kreafle, Chief Technology Officer, Novonix

Kickoff Luncheon Cost: $25 per person, $250 for table of 8


2022 Kickoff Luncheon Guest Speakers

Daniel Deas

Chief Operating Officer, Novonix

With extensive experience in high-heat furnace design, installation and operation, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Deas, has built, managed, and operated the anode material division of NOVONIX for the last three years. Having 13 years’ experience in managing multi-million-dollar operations, he has also directed the transition from R&D to manufacturing at the plant facility in Tennessee to include procurement of facilities, utilities, equipment, construction, staff, labor, plant startup, optimization, and operations.

  • NOVONIX Anode Materials division COO responsible for all United States based operations, capital projects and expansion efforts
  • Co-developed next generation process for synthetic graphite production
  • Over 15 years mechanical engineering and project management experience
  • Responsible for all labor and workforce development and procurement
  • Served six years in the United States Air Force as an F-16 Crew Chief and Training Instructor

Harrison, Kreafle

Chief Technology Officer, Novonix

With a diverse background in specialty material development, Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Kreafle, has helped design, define, and scale the anode material division of NOVONIX. Having a background in Chemical Engineering, with research on polysilicon production, semi-conducting polymers, and organic photovoltaics, he has led development efforts to create a lithium-ion battery materials supply in North America.

  • NOVONIX Anode Materials division CTO responsible for all anode-based product, process, and equipment development, as well as process scale up and optimization efforts.
  • Co-developed next generation process for synthetic graphite production
  • Over 5 years’ experience in Product and Process Development of specialty materials
  • Hold a Bachelor’s in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology


Battery technologies and its role towards electrifying America

Fossil fuels have been used as an energy source in human civilization for over two thousand years for heat and light. With the invention of electricity and its use in everyday life, fossil fuels moved into an indirect energy source for the production of this electricity.

Humanity is now at the forefront of an electrical revolution, where electricity can be produced directly from the environment. One fundamental problem with this, is that directly produced electricity can’t be stored efficiently, until now.

The focus on low-cost energy storage is critical to transitioning away from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy future. While many options exist for energy storage on a large scale, electrically powered devices from phones to vehicles require extremely high electrical storage densities. This is where lithium-ion batteries have shown to be a vital storage solution.

Today, most lithium-ion batteries and their raw materials are produced in Asia, with a virtually non-existing supply chain in North America. NOVONIX plans to solve this dilemma through advanced battery materials and manufacturing processes. This will increase adoption of electrically powered devices and renewable energy, further advancing the energy transition.